Upcoming Game: The Outbreak Guardian


The Outbreak Guardian is developed and published by Vanilla Cookys. The game is fully developed by a 16-year-old taking just over one year.


About Game:

The Outbreak Guardian is a third-person open-world game where you are in charge of ensuring the welfare of the citizens of Patriam by managing the city’s resources, which involves delivering equipment and some skilled driving.


The pandemic which wrecked mighty civilizations has reached the city of Patriam.
As The Outbreak Guardian, you are put in charge to prevent the pandemic from completely infecting Patriam.




Manage City Resources

Ensure that the city has enough production of equipment and credits to keep the city healthy. Don’t forget to deliver all the necessary equipment to hospitals which need them.



Develop and invest in the research centre with the hope of discovering a vaccine.


Explore city

Explore the city to find the potential sites for facilities.



The Outbreak Guardian will be ported on Steam on 8 January. It will not be free with no in-app purchases.




  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • High-quality graphics
  • Simulation and strategy game


The game will be released on the below link.


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