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Vincent lefevre Success Story

Vincent an illustrator and concept artist.

My name is vincent Lefevre and my nickname is Ptitvinc, I didn’t go looking for him very long, because it’s a nickname from my childhood, a mix between vincent and size not very big.

I’m currently a full-time concept illustrator for 3 years now, and I live in Paris with my wife and my 8-year-old son. I practice combat sports, airsoft, and love metal music and movies.

Tell me about Vincent lefevre’s work experience?

You could say that I’m starting a little bit in the business, but currently, I work a lot for the publishing industry, I often work for publishing houses that make board games or publish books and novels of fantasy and science fiction, I create many characters whether for figurines of 3d games or playing cards for board games or other!

I also work for video games by designing characters and creatures for the game! I think that next year, I will be able to show a lot of projects I’m working on at the moment, like board games completely illustrated by myself and a new video game that will be released on console and pc … but we will discover it later.

How did you develop a fondness for artwork? At what age did you start doing work and developed love for digital artwork?

Like a lot of people, I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, so you could say I never stopped drawing.

I think it was when I made my first digital painting (12 years ago) that I realized the great possibilities available to me (at the time I didn’t even know the name of this discipline), it was to make a set for a video game, which unfortunately never came to fruition. Because at the beginning I only made characters with a pencil that I colored on the computer and it was cruelly lacking in realism.

Did Vincent lefevre study artwork? If yes then from where? From where did you learn this?

To be honest, I learned it alone, I’m a self-taught artist, I’ve watched a lot of video and tutorials, but the principle of digital painting is quite simple in itself, you just need a brush, an eraser, and a lasso, to make beautiful things.

No, the hardest part is to train your eye to understand everything that surrounds it, the impact of light on different materials, understand the theory of colors, but also all the complexity of the elements dive into an atmospheric environment or even at night. Even the composition of a beautiful illustration is not luck and even less are storytelling!

I have read a lot of books on this subject because at the beginning it is not the hardest painting but everything next to it.

Why did Vincent lefevre choose digital artwork as a profession?

It hasn’t been very long since I became a professional artist before I worked for 15 years as an executive in the industry, pao, and industrial design, it hasn’t been an easy choice because I was still earning very well, so taking the risk of losing some of the comforts of life hasn’t been the easiest, but on the other hand, getting up in the morning, not having stress and doing all day something you like to do, it’s priceless.

Of course, we have some customer constraints with deadlines that are sometimes a little short, but to be proud at the end of a project and say that I did it! it’s great! so apart from the financial uncertainty, the rest is still a lot of happiness.

Finally have more time to see your child and be able to raise him, it’s still great (because more travel to work and it saves a lot of time).

Who are your biggest influences?

Great artists such as AndreeWallin; DanLuVisiArt, Raphael-Lacoste, marc Simonetti… each of them being masters in their respective fields, it is by being inspired by people like them and by taking the best from each one that we manage to progress.

How do you become a successful artist?

That’s an interesting question because I would say that there’s maybe a 30% chance and 70% work because you have to work hard for several years to get a good level for the customers, I drew for 10 years before I started my career.

To look for a style (it is very difficult) because it becomes a job more and more developed and coveted thanks to the digital art school more and more numerous.

It is necessary to manage to develop its art but by not looking totally at the other background, an example, look at an illustration for a long time and then start to draw a new one, but without ever looking at the basic illustration that inspired you, you will see that the result will be completely different and to your style of the blow!

Above all do not hesitate to go to others, ask for advice, arrived to sell and show his work, because you can be the best artist in the world but if nobody knows it, you will never be a successful artist!

Met the right person with the right project and at the right time with the right style! I know it’s a lot but if you manage to bring all this together you will have all the luck on your side.

Never give up and never give up, always progress, and learn!

What makes you a good graphic designer and different from others?

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m that different from other good artists, I would even say that I still have a lot of gaps in some areas, but at least I know my strengths which are the management of light, a slightly different style thanks to the creation of custom brush pack and storytelling of my own, the semi-realistic design with ease to see in volume what little works or not and very great empathy and understanding towards the life of my customers.

What Does Your Artwork Represent? and What Does Your Art Mean to You?

It’s a second wind, it can also be another reason to live, drawing, and creating is the strongest drug for me, a vital need to feel useful and appreciated. it’s still a beautiful gift of life I find.

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