Pagie Portal knows how important a website for building and maintaining any business in today’s virtual world, so Pagie Portal is offering

Website Leasing.

We’re offering companies Website Leasing to help and giving opportunities to small businesses so if you’re not able to afford the expense, we’re offering you website leasing as a less expensive option.

Every business is different, and their Website requirements are also different, that’s why we create a visually appealing customized Website on monthly cash flow. Rather than paying a large amount for your website, you can pay a fixed monthly price for your website. You do not have to worry about technical issues or maintenance.


Web leasing includes:

  • Build website
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • 5 business email addresses
  • Maintenance
  • Unlimited customizing your website
  • No unpaid costs
  • Monthly terminable


The benefit of Web Leasing from Pagie Portal!

  • Maintenance of your website is our responsibility.
  • No need to worry about Hosting and Server Management.
  • Allowing you a planned cash flow monthly instead of at once.
  • High-quality web design.


Web Leasing Packages:

If you want custom website leasing, go and check the web leasing packages on the below link for availing them at the most affordable prices.

Lease your website with Pagie Portal!


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