Whiskey and Zombies

 WHISKEY & ZOMBIES is developed and published by Nuttery Entertainment.

About Game:

WHISKEY & ZOMBIES is a fun and intense brawler with a fair amount of stealthier strategy involved as you need to try and escape a very different zombie apocalypse. Turns out that only whiskey moonshine kills the virus so you need to stay drunk while you brawl, drink, sneak, scavenge, and rage your way through the Deep South. But the more you drink — the harder the game gets.

The survival of the human race now rests on the last southern family who knows how to make the whiskey moonshine — the McCreary’s — a bunch of permadrunk, bootlegging rednecks who all dislike each other. They must now get home to the Louisiana swampland and their illegal moonshine still — to save humanity.





WHISKEY & ZOMBIES  is released for PC and also planned for consoles. The game is for $5.49 and doesn’t have any in-app purchases.



  • Top-Down Mayhem: Swig, slug, swing, and shoot your way through the hordes of undead just waiting to take a bite out of your thinking-noodle.
  • Unique Drunk System: You gotta stay drunk to stay alive but the “safer” you are, the harder the game gets. Too drunk and you can’t shoot for shit and you might even pass out. Not drunk enough and the virus creeps up, impacting your stamina and, of course, might turn you into a zombie.
  • Different Characters & Abilities: Play as one of the 4 McCrearys, each with very different and unique traits. Some are slow and powerful while others are light and fast but can’t hold their whiskey very well.
  • Story-Driven: Discover the McCrearys’ Southern roots and their motivations as you help them on their way through the ass-end of Louisiana to their home in the Bayou.
  • Fun but Challenging: It might be easy to sneak around and rack up a few kills, but the more you progress — the more resistance you will meet.


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