Zai Of Seasons

Upcoming game: Zai Of Seasons

The Zai Of Seasons is presented by Somnis Studio.

The production and idea of the game were developed within the second year of the game Development degree in Valencia. The developers attend college for the first month and work together, but then all the pandemic forced them to work from home, so they adapted somehow.

They started being almost full-time on a Discord server. The team streaming their screens as they talk, so if any of their colleagues wanted to check how the game was going, how the assets were being painted, or share any idea or advice, he could do it easily. They also learned how to do most things while doing the game, and having a deadline set by the project requirements pushed us into doing things. Finally, they got an award given by one of the best engineering universities in Spain, the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), where several indie games made by students were showcased. They won the first prize in the general category.

About Game:

Zai Of Seasons is an adventure, visual novel, and puzzle genre game. It is a storytelling game, in which an adopted daughter “Zai” of the Ice Emperor is blessed with an order from her father; March on the sacred seasonal realms to capture the evil tyrants who rule her nations. The game has old tunnels from where you can reach the Autumn plains. Go and secure another victory for the Empire, girl.

The game is available on  PC. The developers don’t plan to ship it to consoles or mobile. You can play with a keyboard or a pc controller.

Zai Of Seasons Features:

  • Platformer game
  • Great high-quality graphics
  • Adventure Game
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Eye-catching Visuals
  • Smooth controls

The beta version of the game is available on the below site.

Initial Release Date: December 2021

Author: Joelbb

Platform: Windows

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