Zezinho in action (Adventure)

Zezinho in action is presented by Ojo Games.

About Game:

Zezinho and his best friends formed a group that tried to help people. They were quite successful in this regard, as they worked as a real team. After a while, zezinho started to consume too many sweets every day. So he generated problems, as he arrived late to the meetings, and hindered the missions, due to the high amount of sugar he ingested.

So, for the sake of all, he walked away to try to recover from his addiction to sweets. Spending a lot of time not seeing your friends. Through Sr.Árvore, the oldest tree in the forest, Zezinho learned that his friends are lost in a mysterious forest that is being taken by intelligent sweets. With that, it’s up to Zezinho to prevent this madness.

It is a 2.5d action-adventure game with platform elements. The game has many enemies, such as Orcs, fire caterpillar, giant people, and more. Zezinho can jump, run and attack with his branch. Bubbles made of gum serve as a springboard so that the player can jump higher. To jump the distance, just press the jump and run Bhutan simultaneously.


it is ported on Google Play Store for Android users.

Zezinho in actionZezinho in action Oja Games



  • Free to play
  • Easy built-in controls
  • Gameplay with Smooth controls
  • High-quality graphics
  • Adventure game

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