Zoltán Jobbágy

a 3D artist.

My name is Zoltán Jobbágy. I studied at an art school and graduated as a sculptor. I am interested in 3D modeling and video game development. I currently work as a data logger, I only do art at home, but then a lot.

I learned 3D modeling at home based on tutorial videos in Blender and also attended a 3ds Max training for a year at the end of which I passed the exam with a maximum score. When I started working I was 21 but I don’t work in my profession.  After graduating from school I started making my first video game at home but that’s just the way it is for me. Already as a preschooler, I loved drawing and I was good at it.

It was already in me that I was going to be doing something like that.  I am interested in cartoons and animated films. I tried several times to come up with my cartoon idea and I also drew what came to mind.

I was 11 when I could already do 2D animations with the characters I created. Based on Youtube tutorial videos I learned how to. I was even interested in making a film and was most interested in the fantasy genre. I’ve always been interested in how such fantasy creatures are made in movies. At first, I drew a lot of these by hand and digitally though back then I didn’t have a digital whiteboard so I only had a mouse. There was an artist on youtube whose videos made a big impact on me, his name is Chris Scalf. His channel is called Art and Animation of Chris Scalf.

That’s when I first heard about 3D modeling although I didn’t quite understand how it worked then. That’s when I started liking video games. I’ve watched a lot of videos on how to make a video game. I was 13 then. That’s when I got my first digital whiteboard and I’ve been using it ever since. I watched a lot of videos about 3D modeling. The first modeling program I used was SketchUp. When I was 15 I started studying in high school.

As I mentioned it was an art high school so there were a lot of drawing and major classes. I learned a lot in sculpture which helped with 3D modeling. As I developed in the drawing I began to draw in more detail. The difference between me and my classmates was that the character of the models was always very much on point.

There were works better than mine in many ways but none were as characterful as mine. Later I tried 3ds Max and then came Zbrush when I was 15 years old. I received a lot of negative criticism at first. I learned to model further in Blender. It was a great challenge to get to where I am now. I was 17 when I started making a hunting game with the Blender Game engine.

A video of this is up on my Twitter. Those who had a big impact on me when using the Blender Game Engine are primarily these youtube channels: ThaTimster, CGSky, Mark Telles, Fajrul FNF.In addition to these, there were plenty of other channels that helped with learning. At the age of 22, the idea came to me to start uploading my work.

After a while, I managed to have quite a lot of followers and to have my work recognized. I have now started uploading my work to Instagram at the age of 23. Here I received even more positive feedback.

I have started developing my video game four years ago. I always upload pictures to Instagram or Twitter if there is any progress. I have also started writing a story, based on which I am making a comic and I will also animate it. It will be made into an animated series.  Also, another game developer asked for a 3D model I made to include in his own game. I found this to be a great honor.

In 2020 I had two more big successes. One is that I finished second in a Cyberpunk 2077 drawing competition in the audience voting category. The other is that I was nominated in another drawing competition where I made a fan work from the anime Attack on Titan.
This drawing competition is held several times and it started for the first time then, and I was very surprised to win and I was very proud of it.
I think my art represents the endless perseverance it takes to succeed. For me art means life.

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